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3 ways to make your Yukon home greener this spring

The Ecoline Green Grant offers up to $3,750 for window and door replacement
Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows, find out if you’re eligible for rebates!

Is your home feeling a bit chillier than it should be during the winter months? Have you noticed a spike in your heating bills that has you scratching your head? If so, your windows could be the culprit and window replacement might be the answer!

Old, drafty windows can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency, leading to uncomfortable drafts and higher energy costs.

Ecoline Windows has three tips for helping create a greener and cosier home this spring, ensuring you stay cool all summer and that next winter is more comfortable for everyone:

  1. Identify drafty areas in your home: Drafts and higher heating bills can be a sign that windows and doors need to be replaced. If your home is over 10 years old and still has its original windows and doors, they might be the culprit. Identifying and replacing these drafty openings can significantly improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.
  2. Explore your options: When it comes to window and door replacement in the Yukon, homeowners have various options to consider. From retrofitting to full-frame replacement, each option comes with its own pros and cons. Take the time to explore these options and weigh them against your budget and energy-efficiency goals.
  3. Consider the Ecoline Green Grant: The Ecoline windows and door grant is an innovative program offering up to $3,750 for window and exterior door replacements, providing homeowners with the flexibility to choose energy-efficient upgrades that suit their needs. With no restrictions on product selection, this grant empowers homeowners to create greener, more comfortable living spaces.

With these three steps, Yukon homeowners can begin making their homes greener and more energy-efficient with window and door upgrades. Bid farewell to drafts and welcome a warmer, more sustainable living environment while reducing energy consumption and utility costs.

Looking for more ways to create a greener, more cost efficient home? Here are a few more tips for reducing your home’s environmental footprint this spring.

  • Upgrade your homes insulation: Windows and doors aren’t the only place that pesky drafts can sneak in and heat can sneak out. Improperly insulated walls and attics can also lead to excess heat loss in the winter and more heat build-up in the summer.
  • Conserve water: Swap your shower heads and faucets over for low-flow solutions to help reduce your water use. It can also be worth swapping a traditional green lawn for native grasses, plants and wildflowers. Native plants are generally better adapted to the seasonal changes in your local area, requiring less maintenance and less water.
  • Give your home a ‘smart’ upgrade: Changing to smart bulbs and thermostats can help you better manage your home’s energy output. Conveniently set your lights and thermostats to sync to your family’s schedule and preferences. Never wonder if you remembered to turn off the lights and the heat again! Many smart home services can even be adjusted via smartphone app , so you can keep an eye on things even while on the go.

These tips, along with replacing your outdated windows and doors with help from the Ecoline windows and door grant, can help you create a greener and more affordable tomorrow. Find more information at ecolinewindows.ca.

Ecoline Windows offers exterior door and window replacement in the Yukon as well as several other communities throughout Western Canada! Upgrade your home’s comfort and efficiency and transform your living space into a modern sanctuary. To find a cost-effective solution for your home, call 778-400-2063.

Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows, find out if you’re eligible for rebates!